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Hi Marika, I am an italian girl. I study languages at university and I m conducting a work on the Homonimy.

For this reason I have studied very accurately the difference between homonimy and polysemy so I can help you.

Homonyms are those words without any semantic connection while polysemy is based on a metaphorical extension. This means that two words can have two different meanings but linked between them

For example "newspaper is a polisemantic word

It means not only the object you read but also the place were people work

While try to check on a dictionary the word " beetle", you will find 5 different meanings that don't concern each other: they are homonyms

Is it clear?

Hope helping you

hello italian girl:)

ı thank to you for your reply..
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what is polesemy?
[url=http://www.onelook.com/?w=polysemy&ls=a ]POLYSEMY[/url]
Hi there!

Would you be so kind to tell me where can I find a good dictionary or a list of english homonyms ( printed or on net , it doesn't matter)? Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

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