hello .i am studying teaching language skills.if i have problems while studying my lesson may ı ask you questions?

now i am studyig vocabulary.

my lesson titles are :

1words:1.1 wodr formation1.2multi word units

2lexical relation:2.1 collocation2.2sense relations2.3 semantic fields2.4 homonomy and polysemy

-metaphorical extensions 2.5 metaphor2.6 componential analysis

3mental lexicon 3.1input,storage,retrieval 3.2prototypes 3.4meaning and cognition


i want you to give me advices ,tips about these subjects ,how can i study my lesson to do my best in my exam

i am sorry if this is nonsense helpEmotion: thinking

thanks friends
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Not nonsense, Marika, but your question is either too comprehensive, or not clear at the moment. When you have a specific question about one of these topics, please ask us.
thanks mister micawber.

ok then, i will ask so much questions to you:)

and here is my 1st question: are there any differences between ortographic and phonological shape?

in my book it writes that' L2 learners may associate ortographic shape as phonological shape...

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Orthographical shape is the spelling of a word or phrase; phonological shape is the sound.

Learners may associate ea = /i:/, as in beard, hear but then carry the association mistakenly to bear and bureau.
mister micawber ı thank to you too much. it's ok now.

please would you inform me with concretely(?) about mental lexicon concepts which are: input, storage and retrieval?

thank you

i am very happy to hear you
You look at a word in the dictionary, or read it, or hear it, and it is thereby INPUT into your mind-- it is STORED somewhere in your memory in a place and by a method which will allow you to find it and RETRIEVE it in order to use it appropriately.

This paradigm for the way the senses and memory work is via a computer metaphor.
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thank you mister micawber
hi.please give me examples input,storage and retrieval.
In the case of my computer information is input through my keyboard, is kept in storage in my Documents files, and is ready for retrieval any time I wish to click open one of those files, and copy and paste them onto such a site as this.
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