How many ways of saying "product"?

I know, the word product is a general term, but to my knowledge, there are other types,like "item",maybe also "material"

So, please help me take a look at what I'm saying, if it is right. Thanks!, if not, give me some other guide or give me a general rule if available.

1. product---general term to say a product

2. item- I only know an "item proposal" is something about the ingridents of a product, which is also what I found on the Internet. Detailed difference--I don't know, please advise!!!

3. Material--can be a powder product, like chemical powder material .etc. Requires more confirmation.

If you have other ways of saying it, please kindly advise. Thanks very much!

These words have a range of uses, some literal (referring to physical objects) and some figurative. You can find all these in a dictionary, so, in the absence of more information about the context in which you want to use these words, all I will attempt to do here is differentiate the core meanings.

A "product" is a manufactured (and often branded) object or commodity.

An "item" is one of a collection of different things, such as things that are in a stock (say in a shop), or on a list, or something similar. Items can be products.

"material" is the stuff that something is made of.