What is the difference between 'ridiculous' and 'lidiculous'?Please give me some examples also.

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What is the difference between 'ridiculous' and 'lidiculous'?Please give me some examples also.

I've never heard/seen the word 'lidiculous'. It just seems like a spelling error to me. Where did you see it?

I checked the internet and found a tiny number of hits, but the ones I looked at are all just spelling errors.

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Hmmm,I do not remember exactly from where I got this word, but ,this is for sure that the spellings were same,and I was also confused and try to find this word but failed.Thanks for helping me.[A]
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Are you sure the word wasn't ludicrous?
Oh, I JUST look up in another dictionary andfine this word 'ludicrous'.Yes.hmmso please tell me difference between ridiculous and ludicrous,although,dictionay tells it's meaning as RIDICULOUS.Are tese two interchangable or not???Emotion: thinking
Ludicrous and ridiculous are very similar, but not completely interchangeable.

If you say "what a ridiculous idea" you can substitute "ludicrous."

But you can also use ridiculous to mean very funny. His ridiculous antics caused the crowd to roar with laughter, for example, and you can't use ludicrous there.

Also - this is just my view - but ludicrous can carry a bit of a mean tone to it, as if you are saying "how could you be so stupid to even suggest this" instead of "that would just never work."
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Did you mean to say that ludirous is a bit insulting and blunt way to speak with someone?I m thankful for your help.Emotion: smile

And kindly let me know my mistakes in the sentence also.[A]
Indeed. Ludicrous also means stupid.
no difference really. Both mean laughable, or jest. Ridiculous also means absurd or preposterous.
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