Difference between school of/for english language

He went/had gone/was gone outside.

Please tell me the difference and the context .

Thanks in advance
If I wanted to learn music, I'd go to a "music school", or a "school of music". So I guess, if I wanted to learn English, I'd go to an "English school", or a "school OF English".

"School for English" sounds awkward and clumsy. It isn't fluent. It doesn't flow nicely. To me, "School FOR English" implies that what they teach is unspecified, but they will only accept students who are English. (Such an institution would be rightfully illegal, of course).

In any case, anything calling itself "School FOR English" is clearly something that does not speak particularly good English, so it doesn't advertise itself particularly well.

School of English means English school

School for English means the purpose of setting up the school is for teaching English.

He went outside. ( simple past tense )

He had gone outside when you came in. ( past participle )

He was gone. ( gone - a past particple used as an adjective to denote a condition of ' he ' )
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