Dear Sir:

Please tell me whats the difference between stop and quit.



a. agha
Without context, it would be difficult to answer your question satisfactorily. A good dictionary will show common uses for both verbs.
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The differance between stop and quit: True, my wife stopped smoking but I quit smoking. Because she stopped and never quit, it is not forever, stop leaves an opening to start again, but quit is forever quit. This is just my own belief of the meaning, that if I quit something It's over. But if I stop something it is only short term, I can start again.
I have the same definition you have, except that in your view, you QUIT smoking. I believe since you are still alive you can always start smoking again, thus quitting was never the case. I always explain to people the difference between stopping and quitting when they say they quit smoking. The difference is, if you were running the 100m final in the olympics and you didn't finish the race, you quit. because you can never, ever run that race again. It's done. No one can ever say you quit smoking until you are dead and gone.

A health care professional told me the difference between quitting and stopping an addiction is that stopping simply means not doing it as in stopping smoking long enough to walk through a no smoking area. In contrast, quitting means not doing it is self imposed as in an ex smoker walks into a tobacco shop with a smoking friend and walks out still an ex smoker. If a smoker is on a sail boat and a big wave washes the cigarettes overboard, it is only a stop unless the smoker decides to quit. When people first quit they often quit one day at a time and simply let the days pile up. You can voluntarily stop two days and call it a tiny quit. You have quit when you realize you have become an ex smoker.

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