I would like to know the difference between "up the street" and "down the street". and in order to make my point clear, I'll quote a paragraph from a book.

Some guy who works up the street comes in and wants to know if we need to buy any petrified wood or geos for a discount. He works at the bizarre store down the street that sells fossils and stuff.

I think these "up" and "down" can be replaced with along. Am I correct? I'm asking you this because if I'm correct, I feel like the author is just repeating his sentence.

mitsuwao23I think these "up" and "down" can be replaced with along.
More or less. In this case "up the street" = "down the street" = "at some distance away from here (but not too far) along the same street"

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I'd like to know the slight difference(nuance) between the two phrases.I think the difference reflects the difference of the speaker's perception.From the viewpoint of the speaker,something could be different,it seems.If not,the speaker wouldn't use the opposite words(up and down).
thank you in advance !