I just want to confirm the difference in between two sentences.

What is the difference between these sentences?

I have stuck in the huge queues of procession.


I get stuck in the large queues of procession or I have got stuck in the large queues of processions.

I know "stuck" used in first sentence is past pariciple verb and in other it's past participle adjective.

Also, are these sentences grammatically correct?

Please help me out!!

I think you're aiming at this:

I got stuck in a long [line / queue].

I have no idea what you intend to convey by using "processions", which are basically slowly moving religious parades. You can't possibly "get stuck" in a procession.

No. I am trying tos say, Suppose I am travelling on a road and seeing a long procession ahead, and I know, I will get stuck, if I move ahead. Nonetheless, I decide to travel the same road and travelling the road, I stuck in a procession.

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When it's a matter of a lot of vehicles, we say "traffic". You can simplify and just say one of these:

I'll get stuck in traffic. (future)

I'm stuck in traffic. (present)

I got stuck in traffic. (past)

Thanks CJ..

I wonder the use of "have stuck" in traffic/procession, as compared to "I am stuck in traffic.

harry1999have stuck
I have got stuck in traffic is roughly the same as I'm stuck in traffic. I have got stuck in traffic says that the beginning of being stuck was earlier and you have continued to be stuck until now. I'm stuck in traffic just says that you are stuck now.

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Amazing, thank you so much for your brilliant support and your patience, many thanks