Hi everyone!

I was wondering where it's the difference between these two words.

I can say

Kids can learn TRHOUGH didactical games.

but also

Kids can learn BY playing didactical games.

Do you use THROUGH with nouns and BY with verbs?

what about these sentences?

The operational stage is illustrated THROUGH this example!

The operation stage is illustrated BY this example!

From your point of view. are these two sentences exactly the same in meaning?

thanks a lot.
In your sentences, I would say the use of "by" and "through" is interchangeable and grammatically correct.

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Hi dude,
I am still having problem, I don't know the exactly difference between them. If you have some other examples regarding through and by I would like to know.
Thanx tcccc
1) We are travelling by train.
2) I am throwing the key through window.
in first example train is a media which also is active(going). and in 2nd example window is not being moved means not working so there is used through.