Please send me the grammar rule for using much and many in sentences and the reasons behind this usage.

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"much" is used before uncountables: "much sun, much money aso"
"many" is used before countables (words that can be used in the plural form): "many visitors, many friends, many banknotes"
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I know that many used with the countable nouns ( the things you can count it ) for example : apples - dogs - books ....etc

much used with the uncountable nouns ( the things you can't count it ) for example : rice - sugar ...etc
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But why we say, I haven't gotten much mail at my mail box or Does your teacher give much homework? I think homework and mail are countable nouns.
No, they are uncountable nouns.

If we want to count them we have to say 'two pieces of homework' or 'two items/pieces of mail', for example. We wouldn't say two homeworks or two mails.
Can we count apples? It's how many apples did you get, not how much apples did you get? I tried explaining to my daughter but I just can't find the perfect example. She got me with the apple question.
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Yes, apples themselves are countable.

However, apple as a substance (like many foods) becomes uncountable.
If I haven't gotten much mails at my mail box, but I have gotten many letters and many emails from my friends.

Is that correct?
AbilIf I haven't gotten much mails at my mail box, but I have gotten many letters and many emails from my friends.

Is that correct?

Do NOT make mail into "mails."
Whether e-mail is countable or not is still evolving.
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