Dear Bros!
Please help me define what's difference between VerbI and VerbT?
I read it on my dictionary notes, it beside a word to describe what's term of that word.I don't really know exactlly what it was..so please help me!
The "I" means intransitive. The "T" means transitive.
Does that help?
(Can you give some examples?)

Transitive verbs are normally followed by an object. The verb indicates an action which is carried out upon the object.

Henry wrote a letter. (Wrote what? -- A letter.)
Ursula is washing the dishes. (Is washing what? -- The dishes.)

Intransitive verbs do not take objects. The verb indicates an action complete in itself.

Irma is sleeping. (You don't "sleep something", you just sleep.)
Jerry stood up. (Jerry didn't stand something up. He just stood up.)

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May Bro give me some example about them?:)
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Excellent explanation. Cheers CJ.
thanks alot for this it really did help me .... good luck Emotion: smile
thank you for this example
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What is different between vi and vt

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