I am trying to explain to a French friend the difference between 'came out' and 'went out' and struggling to get the difference.
Here's some examples of what we are trying to sort out...

I went out of my home yesterday” comme “Je suis sorti de ma maison hier” ?
If yes what’s the difference between “came out” and “went out “ ?

My thoughts:

I came out of my home yesterday and saw it was raining
I came out of the cinema when the film had finished

I went out to tell my neighbours’ that it was raining
I went out to the cinema with my friends

The difference I can see it that you <<come out of>> something, and that you <<went out to>> something, but can't find the reason exactly to help my friend.

Can anyone help with the difference between all of these please?

It is merely a matter of speaker's and/or listener's viewpoint. If the speaker is envisioning the action as occurring in his direction or (for politeness's sake) the listener's direction, he will probably use 'come'. If he envisions the action as moving away from either or both of them, he will probably use 'go'.
That's great!
Thanks for a swift and clear reply. I will pass on your explaination Emotion: smile