Correct use of when and while when used as conjunctions?
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They are interchangeabe when both used to refer to something that happens at the same time or during the time that something is happening.

Her parents died when/while she was still at school.

' While ' can be used to contrast two things.

He is very hardworking while his brother is very lazyEmotion: smile
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i didn't understand Emotion: sadEmotion: sad
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When and while can be confusing. Many have this illusion that when and while are substitutes of each other. Although there are contexts at times that these two words seemed to offer relatively the same meaning. But that is not the absolute truth. Consider this:

When I arrived Jane's house to pick her up, she wasn't even dressed. In this sentence, "when"can not be substituted with "while"..

John's dead died when he was 6 years old.

Julie called you when / while you were in the shower. This is ok.
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