I would ask you what is the difference between words objective and goal. Goal should be something abstract?And if I write goal and objective for study abroad,what is goal and what is objective?Study abroad, gain experience and knowledge of culture and language, these are goals?And objectives are attend a course of language, meet new people and so on?Please give advice me!

Thank you.
Pretty much the same, still see:

OBJECTIVE may be used in relation to that which is quite concrete and tangible and immediately attainable<getting the child to want to write is the new-style teacher's first objective -- John Haverstick> <to fight wars of limited objective and to make moderate and reasonable peace settlements -- W.H.Chamberlin>

GOAL may indicate that which is attained by struggle and endurance of hardship<the achievement of understanding, which is man's highest goal -- Ida C. Merriam> <could not help thinking that this was my goal, that I had been brought to this spot with a purpose, that in this wild and solitary retreat some tremendous adventure was about to befall me -- W.H.Hudson died 1922>

Also, "objective" is more "business-like," "goal" can be more general and abstract, has more "feel."
Perhaps the difference between goal and objective can be perceived from an interesting anology of a football game. You score after strenuus

dribbling and kicking .Your score is the goal and your dribbling is objective.
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Hi ANonymous,

In football, dribbling is not an objective, it's just the means you use to achieve a goal/objective. In addition, in football the word 'goal' has a special meaning related to the game's method of scoring, so football is not a good choice as an example.

I think you should reread Marius's post above.Emotion: smile

Best wishes, Clive
Goal is for long term planning.

Objective is relatively short term.

For example, you could have a life long goal, but never a life long objective. Objectives are more immediate and from objectives you should be able to derive action items that well allow you do achieve these objectives. On the other hand, goal is more abstract (e.g. Improve my English proficiency. How to measure an improvement is open for interpretation). Therefore you can use objectives to define/support your goals. Achieving a certain number of objectives could mean you are one step closer to achieving your goal, if not entirely.

Well, that's my interpretation, please correct me if I'm wrong.

can any one tell me the difference between IGNORANCE and AVOIDANCE?

can i use ignorance for avoidance?

this is urgent,
wud b grateful if someone can replyEmail Removed">
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You cannot use ignorance for avoidance; they are unrelated. Did you try a [url=http://www.onelook.com /]DICTIONARY[/url]?