Hello everybody !

I'm currently doing vocabulary and grammar exercices in a learning book. One vocabulary exercice consists of choosing the right word out of two in a given sentence :

Most people would prefer a job/work wich was near home.

I chose "work" and that was the wrong answer - but why ? If "work" means also "the place where you work", why is it incorrect in this sentence ?

Thank you in advance for any help.
Hello Espeland,

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When "work" is used to mean "the place that you work," you use it without an article. I have to go work now. I'm at work.

Your sample sentence has "a ____ " so you need "job."

Other sentences that are correct:
I prefer to work near my home.
I prefer a workplace that is near my home.

I can't think of how you would ever use the article "a" before "work." I have a big job to do. I have a lot of work to do. I have some work to do. Never "I have a work to do."
Thank you very much ! Emotion: smile
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I can't think of how you would ever use the article "a" before "work."

is an artistic work, or possibly scientific.

Mahler's Eighth Symphony is a work of great breadth and depth, not to mention length.
Your Chicken Piccata is so beautifully presented that it's almost a work of art.
General Theory of Relativity is a work of genius.


Great examples, thanks. I was stuck in the "stuff you do at the office" mode and couldn't think outside the box.

(P.S. - I confess to never having heard Mahler's Eighth, but I do love Holsts' Planets.)
I couldn't think of anything at-the-office related or at-the-construction-site related either. I don't think there is an example in that lexical domain.

As for Holst and Mahler, well, they're just about the same. Even the notes are the same, but in a different order. Emotion: smile

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WORK is an uncountable noun, so it can't be preceded by with "a". JOB is a countable noun, so you can use it with "a". a job. not a work.
we use JOB to talk about a particular work activity. And WORK is something you do as part of your job. Also, work can be used as a NOUN and VERB. JOB can only be used as a NOUN.

example: I have three jobs!!! In my three jobs I work very hard. How are you doing at work? I work with children as part of my job.
Thanks Marco.
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i lukd up the meaning of the words iin webster dictionary. And i agree to the answers to some extent. Work is what you produce when you perform your job... this implies that job is when you are assigned to do some work in exchange of pay, or something else like a benefit, etc...So we do a job or we work for that job.. So i guess your answer was wrong...
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