Could anyone explain to me the difference between Catholic and Christian?

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There is no difference: or better a Catholic is a Christian Catholic precisely; in fact "Christianity" is the name of the Religion which affirms the existence of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. There are some divisions inside the Christianity, for example: Catholic, Protestan, Orthodox.
The terms cannot be used interchangeably, so there is a difference. Catholicism is a branch of Christianity. All Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are Catholics. It can be offensive to a Christian of another branch (for example, Protestant) to be described as Catholic.
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All Catholics are Christians meaning that they are followers of the teaching of Christ Jesus. Obviously as with all religions some are more commited to their faith than others.
It should also be pointed out that Catholics believe the Pope has some type of supreme spiritual authority over the whole earth. Most other Christians consider this blasphemous, as they believe that only God Himself has spiritual authority over the earth. This is but one of many profound differences.
There are many websites dedicated to the differences between mainstream Christianity and Roman Catholicism. Try doing a Google search. It is too deep a subject to cover easily here.
There are many websites dedicated to the differences between mainstream Christianity and Roman Catholicism.
Not to nit-pick, but I don't think your distinction between "mainstream Christianity" and Roman Catholicism is valid. Just over half of all Christians are Roman Catholics. While it's true that the populations of most English speaking countries are dominated by Protestants, such is not the case worldwide. Looking at things objectively, Roman Catholicism is probably the closest thing to "mainstream Christianity".
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Thank you everyone for explanations.

I really appreciate it.

Thank u.

The Pope is Bishop of Rome, so he replace the first Bishop or Rome, Saint Peter (Bishop of Rome in 60 after the birth of the Christ).

So the Pope is chosen to replace a very wise man. He have to be a very wise man himself.

For protestants, maybe the most important in religion is how you have to live.

For catholics, maybe all the historical facts have more importance and have to be known.

By the way, Catholics see Protestants as a minority

Nota :
"peter" (petrus) means "rock" in latin
Saint Peter was a fisherman when he met Jesus ; his name was "Simon" at this time (not Peter).
After he became the companion of Jesus, the Christ told him : "Now your name is Peter ("rock"), on you I will build my church"

Nota : I have to improve my english, so if you see something to correct in my sentences, I kindly thank you if you correct them Emotion: smile
Rdep01By the way, Catholics see Protestants as a minority
And vica versa.
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