What is the difference between 'use' (noun) and 'usage'?
When can I use 'use'?
When can I use 'usage'?

Can I use these words interchangeabily?
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The Cambridge Dictionary's definitions of those two words reflect the difference I sense between those two words. I tend to use the word "usage" as it is described here:

To me, the word "usage" suggests the way something is used.

The Cambridge Dictionary's description of the noun "use" also reflects my own sense of the word:

I think the sample sentences that Cambridge provides are good. They should be helpful in getting a feel for the difference between the two words.

There are some contexts in which you could use either word, however they are definitely not always interchangeable.
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I believe that the first time I came across usage was on these forums a few years ago.
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ow really,.. by the way thanks for the answers Emotion: smile