Hi! I was wondering what's the difference between "has been" and "was". For instance- below is an example:

I was there

I have been there.

Could anyone please kindly help? Thank you!
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In the opening credits of Jesse Ventura's conspiracy theory, Jessie states "I've been a governor. I've been a navy seal. I've seen things that'll blow your mind".
Is this grammatically correct or should he say "I was a governor" and so on

It is grammatically correct.
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Both tenses are correct, Please read the thread if you want to get an idea of the difference in meaning.

was there means you aren't there in present. have been there means you're still there man
I think this is simple. If you had said me" I WAS THERE", I would have just said ok.(not interested) On the other hand, If you had said me "I have been there", I would have said Oh, really or you did?(very much interested).
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Well explained ,.. Mr. CJ .. Thanks from my side too. Emotion: smile
From my grammar book, it states that "simple past" is used with "specific time frame" while "present perfect" not.
Is it correct?
Can I use a sentence like:
I have been in Beijing in 1989.
or I have to use:
I was in Beijing in 1989.

Thank you.
Say -
I was in Beijing in 1989.
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Very helpful ! Thank you!
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