A piece of equipment or a mechanism designed to serve a special purpose or perform a special function.
an object or machine which has been invented to fulfil a particular purpose

the implements used in an operation or activity : APPARATUS
the set of necessary tools, clothing etc. for a particular purpose

something (as a hospital) that is built, installed, or established to serve a particular purpose
the buildings, equipment and services provided for a particular purpose

One definition is from Merriam-Webster, and the other is from Cambridge.

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From The American Heritage Dictionary
Device- A contrivance or an invention serving a particular purpose, especially a machine used to perform one or more relatively simple tasks.

SYNONYMS for equipment: apparatus, gear, material, outfit, paraphernalia, rig, tackle. The central meaning shared by these nouns is “the materials needed for a purpose such as a task or a journey”: hiking equipment; laboratory apparatus; skiing gear; naval materiel; an explorer's outfit; sports paraphernalia; a climber's rig; fishing tackle.

Facility- Something created to serve a particular function: hospitals and other health care facilities

Device is a count noun. A device is a piece of equipment intended for a particular purpose. Tools and machines are devices.
I bought a useful device for cleaning the windows.
What would we do without all these wonderful labor-saving devices?

Equipment is a noncount noun. It includes all the special tools, machines, and clothes which are needed for a particular activity.
Dentists must sterilize all their equipment.

Facility is a count noun. A facility can be a special part of a piece of equipment or a system which makes it possible to do something.
Is there a call-back facility on this phone?
The bank offered me a checking account with an overdraft facility.
In the plural, the word refers to rooms, equipment or services provided for a specific purpose.
The church has nursery facilities.
There are toilet facilities for the handicapped.

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A device
- perhaps a few examples would be better than anything: a CD-ROM drive is a device, a remote control is a device, a filter could be considered a device, therefore the main meaning of "a device" is an apparatus, mechanism, or an operative part of a complex system.

An equipment (the noun is countable_ try a search on google) is usually a system or so, made up of several components( for example devices): HI-FI equipment (made up of several HI-FI devices), camping equipment, hiking equipment. However, the meanings are bot limited to those examples.

Facilities - there are several meanings, but in this context it's probably about conveniences ; like gas, electricity , running water, etc.
Regarding Google, remember what Miriam told you about using search engines as a source of information(Wish,Hope/Others). That was very wise advice. I don't believe it's correct to say "an equipment" or "equipments". It's a piece of equipment, IMHO.

Fill in the blank with an article (if needed) and a suitable form of device, equipment, or facility. Choose the correct word where indicated.

1. Please reserve a room in a hotel with _______________ for conferences.
2. He bought a car with very sophisticated stereo ______________________.
3. Do you have all ___________________ which is/are necessary
4. I saw many strange _____________________ in his kitchen.
5. A corkscrew is ______________________ for opening bottles.
6. I need to know if there is/are child-care _______________ at the mall.
7. Little/Few _________________ is/are necessary for cycling.
8. The school built new sports __________________________last year.
Here you go.

1. Please reserve a room in a hotel with facilities for conferences.
2. He bought a car with very sophisticated stereo defitely not facilities.
3. Do you have all equipment which is necessary?
4. I saw many strange devices in his kitchen.
5. A corkscrew is a device for opening bottles.
6. I need to know if there are child-care facilities at the mall.
7. Little equipment is necessary for cycling.
8. The school built new sports facilities last year.

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Regarding the plural of "equipment" I used Babylon Corp. 5 which gives you the plural the noun(if any). However, I'm not sure about it.
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3- Here I would add one little word. (hint- an article)
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7- ok
8- ok
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