These sentences don't sound natural. Could you tell me how to rephrase them if they don't?

1 I see him differently since he said he liked me. I don't know what to think of him now.
2 You might not see the vase in the same way as me. You might see it differently. You might not like the vase but I do because my mom's the one who made it.

3 Would leaving out the X give the sentence a different meaning?

4 Does not including the last bit make the meaning of the sentence different?

Thank you
How would you know what sounds natural, alc?
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I'm sorry,

I meant they don't sound natural to me.

Could you tell me how you would rephrase them if necessary?

Thank you
You still haven't ansered my question. Upon what criteria do you judge naturalness?
I judge naturalness on whether someone whose native tongue is english would say it or not.
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Then how can you say '...they don't sound natural to me'? If you are not a native speaker, you cannot judge, and if you are a native speaker, you needn't ask the question.