Different countries have different eating habits. The Chinese have a saying “Good things for breakfast. Eating a big meal for lunch but eating less at dinner.” Many Americans agree that one should start the day with a good breakfast, but their ideas about lunch and dinner are different.

Most Americans only give themselves a short time for lunch. So they eat a small lunch. After work they will have more time to eat a big dinner. Also a quiet dinner at home with all family talking about their day is a way to take a good rest after a long, hard day of work.

Eating at restaurant is also different. In , people like to talk and laugh while eating. Very often you can hear people talking and laughing loudly, and they are just having a good time. In it is not like this. They want a quiet place where they can eat a good meal. If someone is talking too loudly, the manager of the restaurant may come out and ask them to be quiet.

How about America and English