Hello People,

I'm writhing an article and I have a question regarding using different tenses but mean exactly the same thing.

Do the two sentences below mean the same?
"The computer screen stared blinking"
"The computer screen stared to blink"

What's the difference between "started to blink" and "started blinking"?, as I understand, there is no difference since in both sentences I'm describing something that has happened but in two different tenses.

Thank you all.
Your understanding is correct. There is no difference in meaning. [In spoken form, there is a chance that blinking could be emphasized by drawing out the two syllables.]
The sentences are both using the same tense - simple past. The main verb is "start." This verb can be followed by the gerund (verb + -ing) or the infinitive (to + base). Both are common, and to me, there is no difference in meaning.

With other main verbs (forget), the meaning is different!
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Hello Philip,
Thank you for your answer.
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Thank you for your answer.