I hope I'm posting this question in the proper place (I'm not sure whether I should only post essays here!) I'm sitting the Cambridge CPE in June, and I'm half-terrified about it. Not completely terrified, because I find it so unattainable (I haven't attended a single English lesson for seven years) that I'm simply going to have a look at it and try to find out what my weak points are, for future attempts. Anyway, I'm trying to prepare a bit for the exam. Only the "Reading" and "Use of English" papers seem fairly achievable, even without devoting much time to preparing them, and since I'm as talkative as a concrete wall, and blessed with a pitiable ear, I don't think I'm going to waste much time with the "Speaking" and "Listening" papers. That means I'm focusing on the "Writing" paper.

My main concern here is how to know what I must write. I've read that in the different parts of this paper I may be asked to write in six I think different formats: article, essay, letter, proposal, report or review. Could anybody please tell me the differences in structure, content or style among them, or tell me where I can find them?

Thanks a lot in advance.
Thanks. That's something to begin with.
what are the other different types of composition
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Dear, dear Mister Micawber!!!
Thank you so much for this link, you've helped me a lot.

I wish you good luck.
Helen, Ukraine

here's some useful information about the different types of compositions that may appear in the CPE writing paper: University of Cambridge website - ESOL examinations.

Effect on the target reader, purpose for writing, appropriate format and register are assessed, so a CPE candidate should pay attention to all of them, not just to grammar and vocabulary. Emotion: smile
descriptive, narrative and expository c:
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