I want to say/write.

I am expecting a reply from you.

How can I write this same sentence in different ways.
"I am expecting a reply from you." How to write it in different ways?

You could try to vary the word order a little. "A reply from you is what I'm expecting." "What I am expecting is your reply."

You could use synonyms for the words in the original. "I am awaiting a response from you." "I hope you will write an answer."

You could turn it into a question. "Did you know that I was expecting a reply from you?"

You could turn it into a command. "Reply!"

You could add or subtract words or ideas. "I am eagerly expecting a full reply from you whom I so greatly respect." "Answer me! I'm impatient!"

You could combine any or all of the possibilities shown above. The possibilities are endless!

Try some of your own. Let's see what you come up with. We can try to decide which are better. Emotion: smile
Here toes some but do check if I commit any grammatical mistake.

1.I am expecting your reply.
2.Your reply would be appreciable
3. I still have had no reply despite of writing so many mails.
4. Your answer is expected.
5. By holding conversation, we'll reach nowhere so please reply.
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These are good tries!

1. -- the original, of course.

2. Your reply would be appreciated. (This is a nice one.)

3. Despite writing so many letters, I still have had no reply.
(Save the big message for last! Make them suffer through writing all those letters first, then tell them how disappointed you are!)

4. Your answer is expected. (Good, but may be too terse depending on the purpose of the letter.)

5. I think you are talking about a phone conversation here. You want to say that a letter would be preferable to a phone call? If so, you could write something like these:

We won't get anywhere with a phone call, so please reply.
It won't do any good to discuss this on the phone. Please reply by mail.

Hope this helped. Emotion: smile
Thanks a lot CalifJim,

How about going for this now?

1. She has made up her deficiency in English.
2. She has become perfect in English.
3. She is at home in English.

Your reply would be appreciated.Emotion: smile
These are all good.
Is the first one about remedial courses in English or something like that?
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I expect your reply.
I look forward to your reply.
I am expecting your reply.

Broadly speaking,#1 and #3 sound a little pushy.
#2 is best.