what's the differnce between filament and fiber?
Try this .

My original thought was that fibre is found in the structure of plants. In addition, arrangement of cellulose is made of fibres.

Filaments on the other hand, (Source: Wiki)
  • Myofilament
  • Protein filament , a long chain of protein subunits, such as those found in hair, muscle, or in flagella
  • Part of a stamen , the male part of a flower
  • A chain of cells connected end-to-end
  • Hypha , a thread-like cell in fungi and Actinobacteria
  • Filamentation , an elongation of individual bacterial cells
  • Fine root hair on plants, natural fibers on plants, and other hair-like growths on plants
It really depends what context you are talking about. Our discussion would be a lot better if you provide some context here. Interesting question by the way.