I thought my english were pretty well, but now I think it is not after I tried to solve some questions since I am preparing for an exam in y country. And I was so sure that I did the right options in the questions below ,please help me .......

1. The problems stem from the government's refual to provide.............. money for the health service.

a) a number of b) whole c) all d) a great amount of e) a lot

the answer is b but I chose d where am I wrong?

2.My grondmother may get out of hospital next week, depending on.................she responds to treatment.

a) what b) how c) whichever d) why e) whenever

the answer is e but I chose b where am I wrong?

3. Doctors maintain that broken bones in adults don't heal .................they do in children.

a) much faster b) fast enough c) as fast as d) too fast e) so fast that

The answer is a ( I eliminated this answerlacking of "than") but my answer is c

4. The issue of pay needs..................at our next meeting ,so don't forget..............the necessary documents.

a) to be discussed/ to bring b) discussing /bringing c) to discuss / to have brought d) to be discussing / bring

e) being discussed / to bring

this question was the reason I wrote to this forum,,,,,,,,the answer is d but my answer is a.........................

Dear teachers ,,my questions in this style will go on if you don't mind.....THANKS FOR NOW.
1-- According to what you have typed, none of the answers are possible. Any is a possible answer.
2-- Answer B (how) is correct; the answer sheet is wrong.
3-- Both A and C are grammatically possible; C makes more logical/physiological sense.
4-- The correct answer is A; D is wrong.

I suggest that you throw away this test book and get a better one.
Your English appears to be better than that of the people who constructed this test.
There are too many mistakes in these test items to rely on the source they came from. Throw it out!

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Thank you,,

No,I haven't mistyped there was no "be"

but I will give the assesment test back brochure where I got.
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