"Difficult Husband

Mrs. Jones was still cleaning the house when her husband came back from work. She was wearing dirty, old clothes and no stockings, her hair was not tidy, she had dust on her face, and she looked dirty and tired. Her husband looked at her and said, "Is this what I come home to after a hard day's work?"

Mrs. Jones's neighbor, Mrs. Smith, was there. When she heard Mr. Jones's words, she quickly said goodbye and ran back to her house. Then she washed, brushed and combed her hair carefully, put on her best dress and her prettiest stockings, painted her face, and waited for her husband to come home.

When he arrived, he was hot and tired. He walked slowly into the house, saw his wife and stopped. Then he shouted angrily, "And where are you going this evening?"

After reading my story, cuold you please give me your opinion? did you like the story? do you think it's funny? do you meet the same situation? is there any funny or curious story that relate to my story you can tell us. I'll be waiting.
This is quite funny and it reminds me of one of my bosses, who was quite a moody chap.

Every day when I arrived work I used to stick my head round his door and say good morning to my boss. One morning I did so with a pleasant smile and he took one look and yelled 'What are you looking so happy about!'. so the next day I looked round the door and said good morning with a straight face only to have him yell 'Don't look so miserable!'.
what situation make you laugh? tell me more your idea!
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Thanks alot about your a story
for me its nice

Good bey
i think this story isn't funny too much
maybe cause i m not married and i don't know this kind of situation
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I think humour is very much a cultural matter. As well as individuals having their own sense of humour, different cultures do too. What might be hilarious to one person just doesn't even resemble a joke to another.