>> We are hoping for a safe night tonight. As that ball drops in times square tonight, there will be another countdown happening, and this one in living rooms across this country. At the stroke of midnight, a tidal wave of baby boomers turn 65. We did the math tonight. That’s one boomer every eight seconds turning 65, and the number coming in the next year, 2.8 million baby boomers who will turn that mark.

___________ you to watch this next report from john donvan, in fact, that would mean another 15 of those boomers having a birthday. Here's john.

>> Reporter: First came optimism then came the babies.

>> The torch has been passed.

>> Reporter: Then -- 65 years went by.

>> Between the amount of money that's coming in


And about at the location of 3/4 of the whole running time, there comes this part and the underlined part is also difficult.

>>> We have a colossal moment in sports for you tonight. The longest winning streak in the history of college basketball ended last night. Stanford beat the university of connecticut, breaking a 90-game string of wins. The huskies played perfectly for more than 2 and 1/2 seasons, unthinkable, capturing a pair of national titles. And like a true sportsman and inspiring response this new year’s eve, from connecticut's coach. Meeting loss with humor.

>> This losing _______, I hate it.

>>> We'd say the same thing. And another unlucky break today, this one for a legendary american outlaw. New Mexico’s governor decided against pardoning Billy the kid. The state apparently promised the gunslinger chance of freedom more than 130 years ago, after he testified at a murder trial. But this morning on good morning America, governor Bill Richardson said the killer outlaw did not deserve to be exonerated. We heard it here first.

since no one has answered you in more than a week, I'm going to answer even though I'm not a native speaker and I often have trouble understanding too. This is what I think he might say:

11:26 - In the time it takes you to watch...
I think it makes sense because if there's going to be a birthday every 8 seconds, he's saying that during the next report there will be about 15 birthdays: 8 seconds x 15 = 120 seconds = 2 minutes... so the next report is supposed to be about 2 minutes long.

13:58 - This losing stuff is getting old, man. I hate it.
Googling that sentence brings up several articles that seem to quote him, so that's probably what he says.
hope someone would help me...
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Thanks Kooyeen!!

I did googling too, and found out that you are right.

The meaning is not so clear to me, though.