I am trying to write motivation letter and resume. I would like to apply for a one year internship to . However I still have hesitation in this because this internship is addressed to students which completed at least their second year of a B.S. degree (or similar degree) or for recent students and I am a PhD student (I had already finished third year of my PhD course (out of 4 years)). Do you think that they will not accept me for this internship programme because I have to high qualifications for it? I am from and I know that participation in this internship can benefit my future life. Could you please give me any advices?

Thank you in advance.

Alice, I don't know what that particular institution will think of your application, but what harm will it do to apply? If you want it, go for it!
Thank you Mister Micawber Emotion: smile I will apply for sure!

Best wishes,