I promised my friend to help him with a text translation. Everything went smooth until I encountered the following parapgraph:

Apollinarius supported that the human nature of Christ is absorbed by the divine one. (up to this point I can understand) Also, there was another heretical nanger TO BE THOUGHT THE RECRUITMENT OF HUMAN NATURE BY THE DIVINE ONE AS SUPERFICIAL, FALSE, NOT REAL. So the Christ WOULD NOT REAL Human and God and He could not save the human race.

How is one supposed to comprehend the meaning of the CAPITAL-LETTER-SENTENCE in relation to the previous one? Also, what does the construction WOULD NOT + ADJECTIVE mean in the last sentence?

Please, help as soon as possible Emotion: smile

I can only guess that the translation should read as follows. The capitalized portion is so ungrammatical that it is not possible to be sure exactly what it is supposed to mean. Even as I have phrased it, it is difficult to comprehend unless you are well versed in theology, I suppose.

Apollinarius supported the idea that the human nature of Christ is absorbed in the divine one. There was another heretical danger, namely, thinking that the recruitment of human nature by the divine is superficial and false or unreal. So if Christ were not really both human and God, He could not save the human race.

"another heretical danger"
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Oh, so ungrammatical you say... I'll be sure to let him know about that. Anyway, you saved the day, CalifJim! Thanks! Emotion: smile