Dear all. I have many problem in practicing english. when i was toefl test (ITP), i can't hear well, so the worst of mark is in listerning. I have a plan to prepare for really TEOFL. How can i answer the question, b'cause the people say there is speaking and writing in TOEFL. What thing can i do to prepare it ?
How can i speak fluently. i have no friend for speaking english .....

One obvious problem is that you are easily distracted, Nurul - why else would you have pasted a large sunflower in your question?

Is no one else around you studying English? It is not necessary to speak with native speakers in order to acquire the language. All you need is another learner that is willing to try to speak English with you when you get together.
sorry, i don't mean it. early, i just wanna to lay the a small sunflower, how can it be bigger. even, it's too big. i don't know why. so, i'm sorry....

i still make several relationship for chat by oral. Btw, thanks, and i'll try ...
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I shrunk your sunflower a bit.
It is better.
If I may ask, how do you practice your English pronounciation? Do you take an English course?

If you take an English course, then you have some friends at the English course for practicing your English.

You can also try to speak as if you have a companion, make some scenarios and try to do "the conversation" for practicing your pronounciation..

another thing you can do is watch a movie without subtitle, listen to the conversation, try to understand the meaning of every sentences and repeat the sentences by yourself.. at least you have a reference.

and probably you can improve your English by joining some English-based mailing list, forum or chat..

OK then I hope you can be an English speaker..

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i dont take an english course. i have learned by myself through book, and waching film. So, thank's for your suggestion. maybe i will apply what you suggested for me. So, would you like to be my partner for speaking? Emotion: smile

Thank you arip.
Insya Allah I will be your partner in practicing your pronounciation..

first thing you have to remember, please forget that I am from the same country.. Emotion: big smile

and the other suggestion, you can practice your english in chat room, if you have skype you can try communicate directly by voice to practice your speaking skill.. don't worry if you feel you are a novice..

even a native speaker learnt english as a novice when they were still a little child.. Right? Emotion: smile
Thanks arip, i add you in my skype. So, see u there ....
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