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what is diffrence between "coast" and "beach" and "shore" ???
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Interesting question. The coast is the edge of the land - so if you looked at a map, you'd say 'The coast is very straight here'. You can also say 'I'm going to the coast', just meaning that you're driving till you get to the sea. There are 'coastal paths' where you can walk along the edge of the land. It's more when you're talking about maps or geography.

A beach is specifically the bit where the sea washes - usually sandy, or pebbles. So that's the bit where you sit and have picnics, etc. Where the grass or something starts, it's not beach any more. So if something is washed up by the sea and can't get back into the sea, like a whale or something, we say it's 'beached'.
The shore is like beach, but beach is always a bit of sand or pebbles that is washed by the sea, whereas 'shore' is more general. So if a building is on the grass above a beach, you could still say it's on the sea shore.

So if you said 'I love the sea shore' you would probably mean the sea breeze, the grasses, the birds, the whole atmosphere. If you said 'I love the beach' you'd mean actually hanging out on that sand.
I hope that helps!
coast- the land next to or close to the sea
beach- the sea..

shore-the land along the edge of a sea, lake or wide river
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Best and simplified one line distinguishion.. (Y)
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sheshanibeach- the sea..
That's wrong, sheshani.

shore: zone between low tide and high tide.

coast: zone between coastline to till where ocean related features are found.

coastline: line divides shore and coast.

beach: zone between low tide breaker line to coast line.

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