English professor wrote the words:

"A woman without her man is nothing"

on the chalkboard and asked his students to punctuate it correctly.

All of the males in the class wrote:

"A woman, without her man, is nothing."

All the females in the class wrote:

"A woman: without her, man is nothing."

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funny how it works that way.
It's sad to admit the truth... Emotion: wink
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
"A woman: without her, man is nothing."

I strongly agree Emotion: big smile
That's what I said... Emotion: stick out tongue
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
I think that sentence is perfect, it doesn't need to be pontuacted - but you can write it different without change the real meaning:

A woman is nothing without her man.

What do you think gays? It's perfect, isn't it?? [6] [6]
Eheh... Emotion: wink
Tee hee. Glorious, all the interpretations.

Hurray for punctuation, anyway! You can always use it to get what you want!

- TearsOJ
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