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could anyone here correct me the following sentence if its wrong

TARA zameen pae- one of the best hindi movie i have ever watched or shall i write-- one of the best hindi movies i have ever watched?

Either "...the best Hindi movie..." OR "...one of the best Hindi movies...". If you want to say that something is "one of", the following item will have to be plural: One of the children; one of the posts; one of the houses. It is one item out of many items.
Apparentely you didn't believe the answer I gave you in chat, but now that Feebs has said the same thing, you'll have more confidence. However, you STILL need to fix your capitalization for it to be a correct sentence.
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peace and love

thank you feebs

Grammar geek: I have posted this message earlier than i questioned you in the chat room, i was so desperate to know the correct sentence so that i can type it for my yahoo status.

thanks to both of you being so kind replying my query

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