My name is Madeline from Infolinks Media and we are allocating budgets from a few select brands that we have quarterly placements for. I’m now in the process of evaluating different websites to see which could be a potential fit for our advertisers.

Our research team has reviewed englishforums.com and determined it to be a good fit based on your audience, engagement, past performance, and the quality of the site's content.

I'm trying to lock down these budgets this week. Are you available for a quick call tomorrow to discuss this opportunity?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Madeline Brooks
Media Supervisor
Infolinks Media, LLC

P: 856-813-7145
E: Email Removed

Schedule a call: https://calendly.com/infolinks-calendar-/30min

Hi, Madeline,

Thank you for your interest in EF. I've passed on your message to the relevant people.

Hi Madeline.

Thanks for your interest in advertising with EnglishForums.com. Our team has contacted you via [email protected] . Please, use that email for further communication.