In direct and indirect narrations "this" is changed into "that" and "now" into "then" but in the following sentences this makes me a bit confused.
A) Asma said to me "This is our new house"
Asma said to me that that was their new house.
Can we use "that" twice in a sentence successively?
B)Sadaf said "I will work hard now"
Sadaf said that she would work hard then.
This conversion seems to me logically incorrect.
C) She is taking her meal now.
She was taking her meal then.
Now, this conversion is correct and gives the same meaning. Please tell me is B correct or not? If not, what is the correct sentence.
a) Repetition of 'that' is correct, as they are two different functions; I would use 'told' rather than 'said'.
b) "would now work hard" is more natural.
c) correct
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Thanks sir. You honoured me after a long time . But a little more help. Do you mean we don't need to change "now" into 'then" in sentence B? Saying "Sadaf said that she would now work hard" is alright? Secondly kindly tell me when should we use "told"?
Now is correct, while then sounds unnatural. From then on works, also.
Check with 'say / tell' in the search box at the top of the page. The difference is really quite involved.
Thanks sir. I got it told requires an object. You always prove a great help. Thanks again.
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