Hi Teachers,

Would you please check if my conversion form the direct to indirect speech in the sentences below is correct?

Here're the sentences:

D= He said to me, "I have often told you not to play with fire."
In= He told me that he had often told me not to play with fire.

D= "You have all done very badly !", remarked the teacher.
In= The teacher remarked (that) we had all done very badly.

D= They wrote, "It is time we thought about setting this matter."
In= They wrote (that) it was time they had thought about setting that matter.

D= The teacher promised, "If you will come before school tomorrow, I will explain it."
In= The teacher promised us (that) if we would come before school tomorrow, she would explain it.

D= She wrote, "I am waiting and watching and longing for my son's return.
In= She wrote that she was waiting and watching and longing for her son's return.

D= The examiner's orders were, "No one is to bring books into the room nor ask me questions about what I have told you to do."
In= The examiner ordered (that) no one was to bring books into the room nor ask him questions about what he had told you to do.

D= The dwarf said to her, "Promise me that when you are queen you will give me your first-born child.
In= The dwarf requested her to promise him that when she is queen she would give him her first-born child. [I don't think I have made this correct, teachers]

D= "This is my horse", said he, "and if I do not prove it in a few minutes I will give up my claim."
In= He said (that) that was his horse and If he wouldn't have proven it in a few minutes he would have given up his claim.

Thank you, teachers
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'So help me,heaven!'he cried,'I will never steal him'

He called upon heaven to strengthen his resolve never to steal him.

He called upon Heaven to witness his resolve never to steal him.

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He cried out for help towards heaven that he would never steal him