1) Boys said, "It has been raining since morning. We cannot play today."

* Boys said it had been raining since morning. They couldn't play that day.

2) She said to him, "I am leaving now and shall return after two hours."

* She told him she was leaving then and would return after two hours.

3) The girl said to me, "My father went to the market and bought toys for me."

* The girl told me her father had gone to the market and had bought toys for her.

4) Her husband said to her, "I shall not go to the office today as I am not feeling well. "

* Her husband told her he wouldn't go to the office that day as he wasn't feeling well.

5) My father said to me, "I fear that you have caught cold again."

* My father told me he feared that I had caught cold again.

Have I converted these sentences correctly? Please help me.



Yes, very good.

Say The boys. . .

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sundarnaz5) My father said to me, "I fear that you have caught cold again."

This is extremely formal and not necessary in most situations.

sundarnazhave caught cold

In British English, a would go before cold. Another possibility is to simplify this as have a cold.


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Use "That" at the place of inverted comma.

Thanks. In modern English 'that' can be omitted in this grammatical structure.

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