(1) How an aeroplane works?

(2) How does an aeroplane work?

Are both these sentences grammatically correct and convey the same meaning?
Hi Krish,

(1) How an aeroplane works? Not grammatical.

(2) How does an aeroplane work? OK.

Sorry, if it sounds too basic question,Clive. Would you please explain the grammar rule for this?
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Hello Krish

I think you are an advanced English learner, maybe more advanced than me. So I was a bit surprised at the fact you are asking such a basic rule.
A question form of S V O is made into <Does S V O?> with use of an auxiliary <do>. This rule can be applied even in WH-word questions (except the cases where the WH-word stands as the subject).
John went to school. --> Did John go to school? --> Where did John go?

Hi Paco2004,

First of all, I like your new appearance. Does your picture change based on the forthcoming festival:Emotion: big smile? Being a very basic English learner, I myself ask several silly basic questions in order to understand different rules. I still feel that I have learned just one percent of English grammar and yet to learn the 99 percent of the remaining rules. My ultimate goal is to become an excellent English teacher -- like Paco2004, CalifJim,Clive,MrP,goldmound,nona the brit, and Mr.Pedantic--in few years from now. Until then, please don't be surprised by my very basic questions.
Hello Krish

Thank you for the compliments. I believe you will soon overtake me in English skills.

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The more I learn from you teachers, the more I acquire knowledge. Thanks for your feedback,Paco2004.
i am sangeeta and as per my knowledge i think that the second one is correct.