I'm Asrar. Sir, I want to know about

how "DIRECT QUESTIONS" are formed in details.
2. how "INDIRECT QUESTIONS" are formed in details.
I'm having problem with theseand i need a lot of help.

Moreover, i think certain "Wh-" words are used with certain verbs and i can't use "What" with regard to Intransitive Verbs. Am i right?
Such as- we can't say-
#What do you walk.(Emotion: big smile i know this is totally absurd!)

Please reply me soon

Hello Asrar,

Welcome to the forum.

You are asking a lot of questions that require quite long answers. To begin, why don't we just focus on direct questions. Do you know how to make a question? Can you write three, and post them here? That way, we can see what you know and what you don't know. Then we can try to help you. OK?

Best wishes, Clive
I'd suggest you to perform a search at this site with
indirect questions
(upper right corner search box).

You will find many instructive threads on the subject.
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Also, check this discussion:

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whats ure name?