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Someone has the job title of director at large. What does it mean by " director at large"?

Alternative term for 'non-executive director'.

'At large' usually means 'loosely speaking'.
Here we are not being very 'specific' and 'accurate'.
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Director is a recognized title. Ususally, "director" is followed by "of", then the department. i.e. Director of marketing. However, I have never heard of "Director At Large". Of course people can create their own titles on their business cards. Emotion: smile
Board of Directors have the overall responsibility for supporting and monitoring the performance of the President, clarifying the Club mission, forcing forward thinking and approving long range missions, monitoring programs and activities for appropriateness, conformity with mission and achievement of expected outcomes, ensuring financial solvency, preserving institutional independence, enhancing the public image, interpreting external realities to the organization and assessing Board performance.

Director at large suggests that some Directors have specific areas of responsibility, but this one does not.

eg 'the newpaper has a sports reporter, a politics reporter. an economics reporter, and a reporter at large'.

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That was a great reply - thanks for the information. Very thorough and appreciated!
What is the correct capitalization? Director at Large or Director-at-large?
I see it in our women's ministry listed as Director-at-Large.
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