hello teachers.
what is the office called where director of health works?? Director's Office or office of the Director??? smdl.
Either can be used; the second is more formal sounding. Please be aware that 'Director of Health' is not a universally recognized title, either. It sounds like a government job, though.
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Thanks micawber teacher. yes teacher it is government title. Director is the head of health dept. you are correct. it is govt job title. how you call title in your country???smdl
The title varies with the government entity. 'Director of Health' is fine.
studentmdlwhat is the office called where director of health works?
In India, we use the word: Directorate of Medical & Health Services (DM & HS )

If you are addressing to the Head of the Department - Director of Health/ Director of Medical Education/ Director of Family Welfare...., etc.,

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thank you teachers. smdl