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I looking for information regarding the disadvantages of using tv
well, Scot has pointed out some DA of TV..

and i would like to add

sometime people are busy for watching Tv, they might have less time to communicate with other members of the family..---less communication.
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what are health problems of watching TV for children?
less exercise
don't learn to talk
don't learn to communicate

TV is OK, and can be good, but only in modertaion, and particularly for v. young children. It should be carefull monitiored for content, so they are not subjected to usuitable stuff.
i think T.V have more advantages than disadvantages.

- Learn something you should learn
- horrify movie : this kind of movie will teach people to do crazy stuff, but it is my favorite type of movie.
- Sexual : i don't see it much on T.V
- Not Healthy : watching TV , do nothingEmotion: smile
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Disadvantages of TV:

Things being blown out of proportion
Things being distorted and perceived the way the networks want it to be
Celebrities' private lives being intruded upon
Trash programs that promote idiodicy-- "The Simple Life" is the ultimate front-runner for this, especially with that ugly, spoiled *** Paris Hilton

advantages have been covered by y'all already i think

And as for the first point i made, "Things being blown out of proportion," nobody does it better than ESPN. I swear, how many times have I hear that "this foreign player has a lot of upside" only to watch him fail miserably two years into his career (NBA)?? Read: Darko Milicic. If you don't know who he is, that just proves my point. It also goes for all other sports too: Everyone was saying how great that Boston GM was for the Red Sox, about all the great decisions he made....was it so easy to forget he dangled his best player in the Series, Manny Ramirez, on the waivers during the winter until no team wanted to pick him up? Great GM my ***....

Don't worry, this isn't a complete trashing on ESPN, just some of the stupid things they say/do. Generally the Worldwide Leader in Sports puts on a respectable program. However, log onto espn.com and click on the NBA section, find the man who runs Insider, Chad Ford. That guy is so full of crap that if he had any more it'd be flowing out of his ears. "This could happen..."...."That could happen"..."I have received word that the Lakers are going to trade Kobe for Will Smith..." Yeah, yeah, Chad, keep talking....
social interaction suffers,

kids grow up thinking peas grow in plastic bags and not in a pod.
In my opinion, through TV we can get information from all over the world.TV is usually compared into a window throught which you can see whole world. Wonderful, isn't it? Of course, the coin has tow sides. TV also leads disadvantige, sepecially to the children' eyes. I am "victim".Emotion: crying Don't be out of control when we are watching TV and take resposibility of healthy. If you are parents of lovely kids, please take care of their eyes and help for good style of sitz,play with them in open air. For every one, it is wiser to get significative information from TV other than kill time before television set. One sermonizer, hehe....
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Dear Juanjuan,

It is important to blink the eyes often when you watch television or use a computer.

Kind regards,
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