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tv is very bad for oyur health and image
i also think that tv is bad beacause it can really hurt your body
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Dear Guest

A far as my concern TV is very good meadia as it is helpful to incease our knowledge and incease many awareness in which u are ignore about

But as for ur question Disadvantages of TV are may be outline as follows:
1) It effect Eyes
2) many sexy programs such as Silk stalking and wild..... so on which is a program arouses a sex among the youth
3) It divert Mind in different way
4) It make false advertisemnet of useless product and arouse false agerness to get something which are public not aware of and so on ...... and many more

Good bye
I am also in a class discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of television. Would you like to bring forward some topics to be discussed?
There's no disadvantage in owning a television, the disvantage comes if the fool who owns it turns up to be a man...
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Well the guys presented a good list of disadvantages here.
What I can add is:
- TV kills your imagination. Here I'd like to paraphrise the words of Milorad Pavich, serbian writer. "Each of us unleashes our thought for a walk like a monkey on a lead. When you read, you always heave 2 such monkeys, one of which is yours and other is someone's else." When you watch TV, you have a monkey and a huge wolf, and you's better be cautious 'cause wolf doesn't eat what monkey eats. In fact, it eats monkeys Emotion: smile When you read a book, you imagine characters, settings, you imagine all the situations. When you watch TV, your magination is absent. It is temporarily dead. Someone else has decided for you the looks of the characters, setting, all the images... Somebody directs your attention. You do not control this... And the more you watch TV, the largest part of your lifetime it takes, the less you control your life..
- TV is a means of propaganda, the most agressive propaganda ever. It dictates lifestyles, tastes, fashion, desires of modern people. Actually, it tells you what is cool and what is not, it teaches you patterns of behaviour, and since many movies shown on TV are stupid, violent and shallow, you learn these patterns of behavious and thinking. And of course, advertisement. Advertisement is the main reason (along with political advertisement) why this medium exists. Advertisement became so global that you cannot even notice that the intention of certain movie, program, news is to make you want something. It's awful. It manipulates people as Pavlov's dogs (hopefully you remember that Absolut advertisement Emotion: wink)
- Finally, the most important thing against TV is that it is not real. It's virtual. And unlike Internet (like these forums for instance Emotion: wink)) you don't participate in this reality. You don't create it. You just watch. The more time you waste in this virtual world, the less time you have for your real life Emotion: wink
for me a tv-set is a useless thing and definatly it shld be subside by wid a computer.

this device wastes our time too

lots of women watch soap operas,which is really pointless

on tv-there is movies stuff too,presenting voilence in some .and it shld not be watched by children and some of then even by adults too...

its harmful for our eyes too

and i think its the main reason tht ppl shld reduce watching tv

all examples given above are important but the most imp thing is our health & everybody shld agree with thiss opinoin...!!Emotion: geeked
Meliek Seid

English 100

Due: 11-05-05

Disadvantage of Watching Television

Television is the transmission of visual images of moving and stationary objects, generally with accompanying sound, as electromagnetic waves and then converts the received waves into visual images. Television invented for the first time by the German scientist called Paul Julius Gottlieb Nipkow and appeard to the public for the first time in 1928 in Berline radio show. Eventhough waching television is one way to update people with the curent situation of the world, it has several disadvantages on the lifes of young children. For instance, watching television for long period of time disrupts the health of children, it enhances the behavioral and social interruption of young children, and it consumes their time of study and social activities.

T o begin with, watching television for long period of time disrupts the health of children and leads them to be obese. For one thing, since watching television is a sedentary activity, while children are watching TV their whole attention will be on the motion of the pictures and the action of the characters. Therefore, while they are watching television, they eat many calories of foods with out noticing how long they have been eating. Finally, eating extra food leads them to be overweighed and inactive which are finally lead them to experience obesity. For example, Dr. Joseph Mercola who is the author of the “Total Health Program” said that a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine concluded that watching television for several hours by eating more calorie food is the main cause of childhood obesity. In addition, while children are watching television for several hours, they will not get time to make exercise, and their body metabolism will be inactive. As result, sitting for long period of time will enhances the possibility of encountering luck intelligence, luck of solving math problem and learning English. For example, Dr. Amen (2001), said “Video games and television have lead to another major contributor in the rise of ADD in our society: the lack of exercise. Exercise increases blood flow to all parts of the body, including the brain…through the years I have seen a direct relationship between the levels of exercise a person gets and the severity of their symptoms. I have seen a number of ADD professionals (such as physicians and attorneys) get through school by exercising two to four hours a day. I have also noted that when my ADD patients are playing sports, such as basketball, where there is intense aerobic exercise, they do better in school, without any change in medication (Amen, 31-32).”

In addition, watching television enhances the behavioral and social interruption of young children. Children who watch daily violent TV programs, they behave antisocial. Moreover, they luck being respectful to their parents. For example, an the article of Journal of Nursing Scholarship - September 200” the author indicated that children who watch television as their daily based activity did not perceive many parental rules which are related to watching TV, rather their daily routines are associated with TV viewing. Furthermore, watching TV will lead them to end up their lives by being drug dealer or practice illegal activities. For example, one of natural behavior of children is to imitate or to do what their elders or other people have done. Therefore, whenever they watched or saw violent TV shows or movies which are associated with drug dealing, they would like to do it practically. Finally, this may end up their lives by being addicted to illegal activities like drug dealing or smoking drugs.
Furthermore, watching television consumes children’s time of study and social activity. Once if children start watching TV, they will not allow their parents to shutdown the television until they get tired of it advent of cable and dozens of channels to choose from, children trapped in to watching TV.. Moreover, they do not allow anybody to interrupt them or talk to them while they are watching TV shows, and they also don’t get sufficient time to do their home work. Going to bed at late night is their daily practice which finally enforces them to wake up late. In addition to that spending too much time by watching TV consumes their time of being with their parents and creates gap between family loves. For example, those who are addicted to watching TV prefer loneliness rather than being with their parents. Especially with the
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But you should consider the good side of it as well...
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