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Iavor I fervently detest TV, because it gives me nothing but misery. Firstly, it hampers my studying. Secondly, it hinders my thinking. Thirdly, it's a great waste of time. Lastly, 99% of the TV programmes seem dreary to the point that you doze off after the first 2-3 minutes. Believe it or not, I haven't watched TV since the last August except for a couple of music shows.
Hi Iavor, dont be so upset for TV, it all depends on our self-control, whether A or DA, all exit, what u should do is distinguishing watch them and having sufficient relaxation without that.

But in all, kids're not capable to handling this, they always imitates what they look on TV, that is the point which needs their parents control.
Ville_maddengurli dont think that the TV is a problem...i dont watch too much...i dont need it but sometimes i really wonder the new videos of my favourite bands and in this times anyone can block me!!!!
Hi Merve, your attitude to TV is niceEmotion: big smile
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Emotion: smile i like TVs;)
me 2, but it is impossible to me in institute now.Emotion: sad
Thank u for ur information about demerits of TV.It was very helpful for my debate in school
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you are full of your own crap!!

Makes you short sighted

'Rots' the brain- children are not stimulated to think or be creative so their brains do not develop as well. Also, children who watch a lot of T.V. have short attention spans, which can be a huge problem at school. Often they can only concentrate for the same amount of time as a t.v. programme runs until the commercial break (about 10-15 minutes)

T.V. discourages people from being outside where they can exercise and be part of nature

T.V. breaks down social interaction. Families don't talk anymore, they just watch T.V.

Most T.V. programmes are trash e.g. soap operas. They do not teach us anything.

Violence, sex, foul language etc are prevalent on T.V.- thus a bad influence
T.V is useful for those people who cann't read, think, or walkEmotion: big smile
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no i don't mind just tell me the bad things about watching tv.
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