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hi hello,

i would like to add another suggestions:

too much of watching Tv can dampen our creativity, limit our vocabulary and affect our concentration and memory

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Hi, as there are some adventages for TV, also there are too much disadvantages of it.

User can make it useful and can make it very bad , depend on the user of TV.

-TV can give us news and make the world very small.

-TV is very bad if we watch the bad chanels.

At the end, we should be used TV on right form.

(sorry if there are some mistakes).

Anonymous Meliek Seid

English 100

Due: 11-05-05

Disadvantage of Watching Television

Television is the transmission of visual images of moving and stationary objects, generally with accompanying sound, as electromagnetic waves and then converts the received waves into visual images. Television invented for the first time by the German scientist called Paul Julius Gottlieb Nipkow and appeard to the public for the first time in 1928 in Berline radio show. Eventhough waching television is one way to update people with the curent situation of the world, it has several disadvantages on the lifes of young children. For instance, watching television for long period of time disrupts the health of children, it enhances the behavioral and social interruption of young children, and it consumes their time of study and social activities.

T o begin with, watching television for long period of time disrupts the health of children and leads them to be obese. For one thing, since watching television is a sedentary activity, while children are watching TV their whole attention will be on the motion of the pictures and the action of the characters. Therefore, while they are watching television, they eat many calories of foods with out noticing how long they have been eating. Finally, eating extra food leads them to be overweighed and inactive which are finally lead them to experience obesity. For example, Dr. Joseph Mercola who is the author of the “Total Health Program” said that a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine concluded that watching television for several hours by eating more calorie food is the main cause of childhood obesity. In addition, while children are watching television for several hours, they will not get time to make exercise, and their body metabolism will be inactive. As result, sitting for long period of time will enhances the possibility of encountering luck intelligence, luck of solving math problem and learning English. For example, Dr. Amen (2001), said “Video games and television have lead to another major contributor in the rise of ADD in our society: the lack of exercise. Exercise increases blood flow to all parts of the body, including the brain…through the years I have seen a direct relationship between the levels of exercise a person gets and the severity of their symptoms. I have seen a number of ADD professionals (such as physicians and attorneys) get through school by exercising two to four hours a day. I have also noted that when my ADD patients are playing sports, such as basketball, where there is intense aerobic exercise, they do better in school, without any change in medication (Amen, 31-32).”

In addition, watching television enhances the behavioral and social interruption of young children. Children who watch daily violent TV programs, they behave antisocial. Moreover, they luck being respectful to their parents. For example, an the article of Journal of Nursing Scholarship - September 200” the author indicated that children who watch television as their daily based activity did not perceive many parental rules which are related to watching TV, rather their daily routines are associated with TV viewing. Furthermore, watching TV will lead them to end up their lives by being drug dealer or practice illegal activities. For example, one of natural behavior of children is to imitate or to do what their elders or other people have done. Therefore, whenever they watched or saw violent TV shows or movies which are associated with drug dealing, they would like to do it practically. Finally, this may end up their lives by being addicted to illegal activities like drug dealing or smoking drugs.
Furthermore, watching television consumes children’s time of study and social activity. Once if children start watching TV, they will not allow their parents to shutdown the television until they get tired of it advent of cable and dozens of channels to choose from, children trapped in to watching TV.. Moreover, they do not allow anybody to interrupt them or talk to them while they are watching TV shows, and they also don’t get sufficient time to do their home work. Going to bed at late night is their daily practice which finally enforces them to wake up late. In addition to that spending too much time by watching TV consumes their time of being with their parents and creates gap between family loves. For example, those who are addicted to watching TV prefer loneliness rather than being with their parents. Especially with the
hey ayesha thats really very good point that it kills innoscence in childrens ! it a fact now a days their is no innoscence in children they a grown more then thier age and this thing is deeply rooted with crime ,ya their root are related with crime !

its really true !

let peace be upon all of us
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T.V. has many violent things that don't ever need to be shown. Emotion: computer I prefer the computer as you can choose your site.
This was terrific!!! LOVE IT

i like t.vs because they can tell you how to do things as well as show things.

Maverick88I agree that on TV are often shown all sorts of murdering-scenes but TV doesn't compel us to watch this programs. TV only gives us the opportunity to watch it and even if there are any inappropriate programs we can ignore them. Moreover, I don't think that we have to ignore programs since most TV's have so many channels that I get lost; so you can easily choose the most suitable programs for you\your children and even limit some channels you don't want your children to watch.
To sum up I think it's not technology's fault that TV's are misused but our.
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There are pros & cons in watching tv for kids.

I think children can learn some educational shows in tv. Parents have the responsibilities to guide their children in watching. Although, without proper guidance, children can see some malicious and violent scenes in this type of media.
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