we've to have an class discussion about DA of watching TV;
whould you mind helping me?
thank you a lot
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TV is unhealthy for our eyes.
TV show how to kill

TV learn about our world

What are the most important disadvantages of tv?
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hey there ,
there is a lot of advantages of watching TV , but also there is a lot of disadvantages !
Some of the disadvantages are :
1- A bad effects - on the kids - becouse they learn every bad thing shows on the TV .
2- Some of the companies use it for sex TV films and programs , and that of course case a lot of social problems .
3- It be the first information source for a lot of people , and that make them away from the first really clean source THE BOOKS !

It kills innoscence in children.The children are forced to know everything which is not
necessary or suitable for their age.Because of this they become more matured at an early age.They lose their innoscence and childish behaviour which is a boon to mankind.
Innoscence gives happiness.But the kids are not enjoying this happiness in the present world.
I would agree there are advantages in TV but far more disadvantages. Time limits and monitoring it for children are some ways of keeping control of what they learn. But also there are some adults as well that are boob tube watchers. I believe there is way too much time wasted on watching TV. I think Music is far better.
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I agree that on TV are often shown all sorts of murdering-scenes but TV doesn't compel us to watch this programs. TV only gives us the opportunity to watch it and even if there are any inappropriate programs we can ignore them. Moreover, I don't think that we have to ignore programs since most TV's have so many channels that I get lost; so you can easily choose the most suitable programs for you\your children and even limit some channels you don't want your children to watch.
To sum up I think it's not technology's fault that TV's are misused but our.
1. Because of watching TV, the must "discussion of family every day" before going to bed vanish.
2. Because of violent news, killings and bombings, we sometimes lose our confidence to go out.

But my TV is my best friend. I am living alone and I consider my TV as my best pal. When I don't want to go out, my TV entertains me. I have my favorite channel and didnt change channel. I learned alot from mg TV. From ads and from the shows. I can't imagine a day without watching my TV.
People argue that TV also has an educational side to it. That may be correct but WHAT is being taught? Well, sometimes it teaches us to hate, to kill and to want more and more of what ever they are selling. Ok, so there are the educational programmes, but how many are there really on normal TV. Try and count them (especially on open TV) and you will find yourself stumbling.
There is of course the news too though it is quite repetitive with Political squabbles and violence and the odd murder here and there.
Just think what children are learning when they see all this. Maybe TV is partly responsible for the way the world is now.

I think TV is a passive form of entertainment for those that don't know what else to do with their lives. (Ouch, that's going to get the heckles up on some people)
Soap Operas are for people that don't have a life of their own and need to depend on other fictious lives for their entertainment.

Children should get out more and play games and make real friends.
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