I'm studying "business culture". I like discuss this topic with everybody.

What is role of "business culture"?

What method can we use to develop "business culture"?

When should we change "business culture"?

Thank you before all!

OK. Perhaps you should write a few of your thoughts about these questions, to begin the discussion. I suggest you begin by trying to write a short definition of what you think 'business culture' means.

Best wishes, Clive
I think that "business culture" includes respect for customers, staffs, self, competitor and always creativity.

Do you think so? Let's discuss!
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Hi Le Huy, I'm new here in this site. In my opinion, the business culture is changing with globalization. It's becoming more 'standardized'. In fact not only their behaviour, but the culture in our planet. World wide companies has their stakeholders spread all over the countries. You cannot say anymore you have your customers, or your shareholders, etc. centralized in one country. This fact leads the executives to have flexible behaviour. I see in the future, not only segmented free trades agreements (Mercosul, NAFTA, etc.) but just a a free market in the whole world.

Hi Santosld, I think that you talked the trend of business culture. According to your opinion, business culture is key force in trio : government, capital (for business) and people's organization ( non-governmental and masses organization ). And the competition is more and more violent in the world market, so business culture is ever changed and filtered. In the future, there isn't any clear border between the East and the West business culture.
Exactly... Nowadays, I don't see any difference from executives behaviour, for instance, between my country (Brazil) and North America.
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Yes, I know. But I think that the more integration, the more important are special features. So I think any firm must have some special features for its goods.