1. He is a diabetic.
2. He is an ashmatic.
3. He is an arthritic.
4. He is goutic.

5.He has a medical condition.
6.He has medical condition.
I know for sure the first sentence is fine. If you are sufferíng from or rather taking treatment for ashtma, arthritis or gout, I would like to know whether it would be fine to use the second, third and fourth sentences.

Out of fifth and sixth sentences, I just want to know the correct one.
He is diabetic, he is asthmatic, he is arthritic, he has gout. I have no idea about medical condition.

5.He has a medical condition. OK
6.He has medical condition. Not OK.

Best wishes, Clive
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Thanks for the replies
These words crossed my mind after hearing the tragic death in Carribean. All the cricket fans are shocked to learn the death of Bob Woolmer. He was a diabetic, however.
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I wrote 'in Carribean'.
Should it be 'in the Carribean' ?
It may be 'in the Carribeans' .
Please tell me.

Say 'in the Caribbean'.