Hello, I need some help looking at this adjectival group.I really appreciate the help.

That drink tastes worse in a paper cup.

[That drink] [tastes] [worse [in a paper cup.]]

That Drink = Nominal Group, Function = Subject. It's comprised of a Determiner and a Head Noun (That & Drink)

Tastes = Verbal Group, Head Verb

Now here is where I get into some trouble. I can see this part in two ways.
1) worse in a paper cup = an adjectival group, whose head is 'worse' and within it there is a prepositional group whose function is (either) a complement or a qualifier (can someone please double check that for me??? Thanks Emotion: big smile I can't decide Emotion: sad). ALL this adjectival group has the function of a Subject Complement (complementing that drink).

2) Worse = adjectivalG and head. and seperately there is in a paper cup, which is a prepositional group, and it has the function as an adjunct (as it tells you where) or as a complement.
That drink tastes [worse] [in a paper cup.]

I personally believe that 1 is correct.

Any thoughts? Thanks again to everyone Emotion: smile
"in a paper cup" is adverbial. "worse in a paper cup" is not a constituent.

[That drink] [ [tastes] [worse] ] [in a paper cup](ADV)


I enrolled the children in Active Kids Daycare.

[They] [ [seem] [ happy ] ] [there]

My best friend lost all his money in the stock market.

[He] [ [was] [rich] ] [before that]

"In a paper cup" is an adverbial phrase modifying "worse" (I think).
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I'm sorry, but how can it be an Adverb? Wouldn't it be a Prepositional Phrase, and since it acts as an adverb, it would be an adjunct as it tells "where". Well, in my class we do things like this:
What it is/What its function is. Example:
NomG/Direct Object.

In this case, what would that prepositional group be?
PrepG/Adjunct. This to me would be the most logical.

I've never seen anything like this:
PrepG/Adverb. <--- Is that what it should be?